Saturday, January 26, 2013

Year in Review

What a great year! A year of stretching my wings and getting out of my comfort zone by trying out new things!
1. Participated in several weekly blogging link ups..Mama Kats Writing Workshop, 7 Quick takes Friday, and SOC (stream of consciousness) Sunday.
2. Learned HTML code! Oh yes I did! Am I a code master? No, but I can pick out what I've left out, or what I've added when adding code to my blog.
3. Ran the following half-marathons: Rock and Roll Half in D.C., Woodrow Wilson Half, Rock and Roll 1/2 in Savannah.
4. Ran the Marine Corps Marathon...loved it and I'm planning to run it again this year!
5. Only read six out of the 12 books on the TBRP challenge. Not bad now that I think of it. I I did read other books and listened to plenty of audiobooks, but those books that have been sitting on the bookshelf for several years are probably there for a reason...
6. Praying a decade of the Rosary daily has become a bedtime routine.
7. Reading the Bible daily still alludes me. Trying again this year by joining the Good Morning Girls Bible study of Luke. Reading the daily bible assignments has not been that hard. Once that becomes habit, then I'll start 'delving' into the readings by journaling, etc. Baby steps.
8. Worked full-time for four months (three 12-hour shifts/week) to help out the unit staff become proficient in EPIC, the new electronic medical charting software.
9. Wrote more by joining these monthly blogging challenges-31 days to become a better writer, A-Z Challenge and Wordcount Blogathon.
10. Published "Summer Leaves" knitting pattern-a top down triangular shawl with a leaf lace border.

Next time I'll let you in on what I learned from the past year and what I hope to accomplish in 2013.