Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Jennifer Fulwiler from Conversion Diary hosts the 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I thought I would start writing and linking my posts as a way to get me posting more often.

1.  Look at the gorgeous quilts that ladies from the Springfield Quilt Guild made for me to take to the Fairfax NICU!  17 total!  Those ladies are awesome!  I love taking the quilts in and placing them on either the isolettes or in the cribs. (I work part-time in the NICU).  When the parents come in to visit they have this quizzical look on their faces wondering what a quilt is doing in their babies crib….they ask “Is it free, can we take it home?”  After I explain to them that yes, it is theirs to keep, and let them know who made them, they are so thankful that a total stranger made something for their baby.  I love it!002






2.  My friend ‘K’ had her liver transplant two weeks ago!  It is a true miracle and gift from God that she made it this long….it’s been about a two year battle before test results showed what was really wrong and what needed to be done!  Thanks for all the prayers.  She is out of the hospital, staying in a hotel close by just in case she needs to go back.  I spoke with her on Sunday and she sounded so good…like her old self.

3.  Signs of spring….but we’re supposed to get a ‘light’ dusting of snow tomorrow.  I am so ready for warm weather.  084085

4.  My girls are a year older.  I know it gets said many time, but time does fly!

Madeline's 16th birthday                      015

5.  Loving the Scriptural Rosary app that Sarah Reinhard from here recommended for the iphone.  During Lent I wanted to pray the rosary more often, and this has really helped.  I’m on my phone all the time, either texting, checking email or playing ‘words with friends’.  Seeing this has helped me stay focused on praying the rosary.

6.  ‘M’ is home sick with strep.  It’s been nice spending some one on one time with her.

7.  225 dresses have been turned in to Cynde for the Dresses for Haiti project…..wooo hooo!  When she started this project in September and shared the pattern with me, she was only expecting, maybe a handful.  I shared the pattern with my guild and they have donated about 50 dresses so far and that is since February when I taught the demo on how to make the dresses. If you would like to make some let me know and I’ll send you the pattern.  The dresses are going to the children at Nativiy Village in Haiti.  A village built with donations from the parishioners of the Church of the Nativity and it’s Operation Starfish Project

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