Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't judge me...poem

Don't Judge me, a wonderful  poem I first read on the blog Ziggy's blog. Denise L. Wilson wrote the poem and it's featured on  I fall prey to judging others just on their looks or how they speak, a trait that I'm working on eliminating.  It's easy to judge that a baby whose last name is foreign, will have parents that are non-native English speakers.  Many times my co-workers and I have fallen prey to judging by the last name, then when the parents come in 

and speak to us, we realize
how wrong we were.  Or when I see a heavy person at a running expo picking up their race packet, I think "how can she do it?", meanwhile she finishes way ahead of me.  As the saying goes 'don't judge a book by it's cover' 

Source: via Darla on Pinterest

Do Not Judge Me

Do not judge me...

Open the Cover and Read

Because I am thin
Do not think my life is perfect.
Stress may have caused the weight loss
...Notice the lines on my face.

Because I am overweight
Do not assume I drowned my sorrow with food.
My metabolism may challenge me.
...See beyond my exterior.

Because I am disfigured
do not pity me
The lessons I have learned may surpass yours 1,000 fold.
...Share my insight.

Because I fit society's definition of beauty
Do not despise me
It may all have been paid for,
to compensate for my internal insecurities.
...Observe the sorrow in my eyes.

Because I do not speak eloquently
Do not write me off as uneducated.
Work and family responsibility may have stolen my childhood education.
...Listen to what I am trying to say.

Do not judge me...

Open the cover and read.

~A MountainWings Original by Denise L. Wilson,
Long Pond, Pennsylvania~