Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Process-Cup of Tea

Process: a 31 days to become a better writer assignment.  Today’s Challenge:  Write a post involving a recipe or a process, but try to infuse the post with your personality or thoughts.  Don’t over think this one.  Brushing your teeth, cooking macaroni and cheese, and grocery shopping are all seemingly mundane processes, but they are intriguing when we see them from your perspective.  Word to the wise, steer clear of the “and then I” syndrome. 
She opens the cabinet and takes out her favorite mug.  Her favorite is the Polish pottery mug, the one with the little blue flowers and green leaves in clusters of three.  The mug is bigger than a coffee cup, smaller than a soup mug, actually it’s the right size for that afternoon cup of tea.  As she takes out the mug she remembers that first trip to Poland to buy Polish pottery.  Four women packed in a small car with only a change of clothes in order to leave room for our treasures.
She walks across the kitchen to the pantry and pulls out her favorite tea, English breakfast tea.  Flavored teas are not for her, black and strong is her favorite.  As she plops the tea bag into the mug she looks out the kitchen window mesmerized by the blue sky.  She takes the mug and places it in the microwave and sets the cooking time to one minute and 45 seconds, no more, no less.  Yes, she knows that this isn't the traditional, or proper way to make a good cup of tea, but she doesn’t have time to wait.  She wants that cup of tea to sip while she is reading the many posts from the blogs that she has subscribed.  The cooking timer goes off signaling that her tea is almost ready.  She pulls out the tea and scoops two spoons of sugar and one of lemon.  Today is a lemon day, not a milk day.  Milk is reserved for those cold winter afternoons.  She smells the aroma, yet, it’s just right, sits in front of the computer, takes a sip of tea, and all is well in the world.
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