Sunday, April 1, 2012

A-Z Challenge…A

After I finish a running race I feel strong and alive!  It’s such an accomplishment to finish something, but most especially a running race.  After a race of course there is the complimentary food and water.  Each race organization is different in what they offer.  Some offer great food at the end of a race.  The Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon has a feast; Greek yogurt, chocolate milk, fruit cups, granola bars; I didn’t have enough hands to hold it all.  Other races only offer the basics:water, Gatorade, and bananas.  After the post-race feast and I’m heading home I revel in what I just accomplished and look forward to my post race routine-a Five Guys Burger for  lunch, a nice hot shower, ice for the feet, two aspirin to take away the aches, and a nap….JOY!
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