Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome me!

My goodness, it's been a while! Dear faithful readers I've missed you! I've missed writing and keeping you posted on all that goes on here at sewcarolinaknits. Where have I been these past months? Working full-rime helping the unit where I work to switch from paper records to electronic medical records. The challenge was trying to simplify the 'computer' terms into language that was understandable to someone who didn't own a computer. Yes, I have a coworker who doesn't own a computer...crazy, but true. I now understand how hard it is for teachers to keep that even, calm voice and demeanor when teaching new concepts to kids. Somedays I came home exhausted from all the talking I did in a twelve hour shift! What impressed me the most was how our older nurses took to the electronic medical record system. They were the group we were worried about, how quickly would they take to the new system? Would they quit in droves out of sheer frustration? Even the older nurses had the same worries, but they did a fantastic job! Once they let go of fear they were able to embrace the new system and their confidence swelled. I now watch them teaching each other and even giving me tips!

So now I'm back to part-time, one day a week, enjoying the little things...staying in my pajamas late into the morning enjoying a cup of coffee, finishing quilts I started months ago, finishing up knitting projects and coming up with new patterns, writing, and most especially more time with the girls!

Stay with me this month while I review 2012 and share my goals for the new year!