Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Highs and Lows of blogging...Learn as I blog #3

Learn as I Blog series: Assignment #3

Write your own blog post on the Highs & Lows of Blogging.  

Blog about your experience thus far and the highs and lows you've encountered.
Blogging Highs
  1. meeting new bloggers
  2. learning how to step up my blog
  3. learning basic HTML code 
  4. being able to figure out how to add images/links/blinkies, etc to my existing blog
  5. my faithful followers and readers
Blogging Lows
  1. being proud of a post I've written and not getting any page views
  2. minimal comments

What have you learned in going through the Learn As I Blog series?
  1. How to use intense debate-it makes replying to comments on my blog easier since the comments are sent to my email, making it easier to reply wherever I am.
  2. How to add a favicon-that little icon that displays in a web reader of blogroll (why the chucks?  I love Converse Chucks and have them in red, black, white and orange.)

What are your goals for your blog after having gone through the series?
  1. learning
  2. writing
  3. changing blog backgrounds/style
  4. add own touches to blog
Thanks Ferly, from Gifts we use, for hosting the series Learn as I Blog series!  

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