Friday, June 22, 2012

Attitude change....blueprint

Change is a process.  Losing weight, starting a workout regimen, or change in attitude is a lot harder than waking up one day and saying to yourself  "I'm going to start losing weight today."  It should be that easy, but as we all know it's not.  I honestly never thought of change as a process. Process sounds like work! Change entails work.
You all have read about the crazy changes going on at work, the negativity, and the low morale .  I was asked to be on a task force committee.  This committee will generate ideas on how to change those attitudes/habits that have generated such negativity on the unit.   After finding Allegra's blog, Win the Weight Battle, on the SITS Saturday share fest and reading her post "Blueprint for personal change", I not only want to share it with you, but most definitely with the committee at work.
Allegra describes the stages that she has learned during her weight loss journey.  These stages apply to any type of 'process'.    

  1. Awareness-low morale at work, communication needs to improve
  2. Intention-increase morale and communication
  3. Action-committee has been set to generate ideas on improvement
  4. Adjustment-new habits and attitudes will generate anger/grumbling;implement policies with consequences of behaviors aren't changed.  This one will be tough!
  5. Integration-consistent positive reinforcement and discussion if actions need to be adjusted.
I'll keep you posted on our progress.  Read her post and let me know what you think