Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Learn as I Blog...Time Management

Write your own blog post on Blogger Time Management.  
What hats do you wear besides Blogger?
My many other hats: wife to an amazing guy.  Mother to two teenage girls.  Registered Nurse-I work part-time (need to keep an eye on those teen girls!). Knitter, with four original knitting patterns available on Ravelry.  Runner, who loves to sign up for races.  Quilter and avid reader.
When do you set aside time to blog?  Is this working for you?
I usually blog in the morning or afternoon, depending on my day, and what I have scheduled.  I try to write several posts at one sitting to be published later.  I try and write Monday-Friday but during this summer I'm going to strive for at least three times per week.  Right now this time schedule does work for me.  I try and have ideas of posts to write written down on a sticky note on my computer and have archived several writing ideas on Evernote, a website that allows you to save those tutorials and tips you find on the web.  
How long does is take you to do a single post?  Do you schedule your posts ahead of time?
It usually takes me about 20-30 minutes to write a post.  I like including an image/picture, and a link for further reading, so the time is taken up doing research, or gathering ideas. 
YES, I do schedule posts ahead of time, and once I figured out how to do that I do it all the time!  If I know I'm going to have a busy week with work/etc., it really helps me  to schedule posts, especially if I'm participating in a challenge. 
What can you do to improve your Blogger Time Management?
What can I do to improve my time management?  If only it were easier for me to get up early, that way I could read posts on blogs that I follow, get some research done and maybe write a post or two.  I love sleep, and the earliest I can roll myself out of bed is 7:00 a.m., of course on the days I work I'm up at 5:00 am.  So why can't I get up that early all the time??