Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogathon did I do?

My goals for May during the Wordcount blogathon were to write at least everyday and to get up early, at least by 6:00 am every morning, set the timer while online, read the Bible daily and Pray daily .  How did I do?

  1. Well, I did write, at least every day. Out of the 31 days in May, I wrote a total of 22 days.  Once I figured out how to schedule posts, it was easy to write several posts and have them publish on a certain date.  I didn't write weekends, I was wither working at the hospital or spending time with family.
  2. I failed to get up early...I tried, but failed!  I think out of the 31 days in May I was able to get up early a total of seven days?!  Getting up early helped me to write posts for several days, read blogs that I follow, and then head off to the gym or out for a run.  On those days that I didn't get up early, sleep was so sweet, how could I get out of bed?
  3. Setting the timer while online has helped my productivity.  Knowing I have a certain time online has helped me organize those blogs that I read by saving those that I want to read later, and highlighting those that I want to follow up or write about.
  4. Read the Bible is Monday-Friday?  I started off reading the Catholic Daily Bible, with readings from the Old and New Testament, Psalm and Proverbs.  After a week of reading I just read the New Testament, Psalm and Proverb.  Just couldn't get through the pages and pages of the Old Testament!  This month I'm starting an online Bible Study with  We will be working on 1Peter.  I'm really excited about starting this study.  I'm planning on rising early being able to set time aside for this as my summer challenge.
  5. Pray.  Absolutely, everyday, several times a day.
Am I participating in another blog challenge?  Haven't found one just yet.  Maybe will take part in '30 Things'  prompts from A Life list blog.  Prompts are helpful, not everyday since I have things to say as well that have nothing to do with the dates prompt.  What about you?  Participating in a challenge or blogathon?