Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sherlockian....a book review

An author takes several  historical facts and weaves them  into a terrific and well written mystery. That is what Graham Moore has done in his new novel The Sherlockian. A recent read that I would highly recommend 
I am a big fan of mystery TV shows and books.  Actually, one day I plan on becoming a crime investigator, detective, or secret agent......!
Image of The SherlockianThe suspense, the search for clues, thinking I've figured out who is the villain, and realizing that I was wrong, or sometimes right, are what draw me to mysteries.
Confession time....I haven't read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I'm an avid fan of the Sherlock Holmes movies, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.  Have you seen the updated British version of Sherlock Holmes?  Really good version of the Sherlock mysteries, but set in present day London. This fall, CBS television is debuting a Sherlock Holmes mystery with an updated twist.  It's titled 'Elementary' and starts Lucy Liu as Watson, and Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes.  This version will be set in present day New York City.
But I'm deviating....back to the book.  The book alternates between the present day search for the killer of the man who has found Arthur Conan Doyle's missing diary, and 1900's Victorian London where Arthur Conan Doyle is investigating the murders of several women.  Each chapter relates to the next even though the characters are separated by 100 of years.  As the main character is searching for the killer, and the missing diary, we are taken back to the actual events written in the diary. Brilliant!  After reading this book, I've placed the Sherlock Holmes mysteries on my iPad to read and then I too will become a Sherlockian, a devoted fan or expert on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes!