Friday, August 17, 2012

End of summer...poem

Bloggy Moms Writer's workshop prompt.  This weeks assignment has us writing about our summer bucket list and our reactions on accomplishing, or not, our goals for the summer.

Days are growing shorter
Stores display school supplies
Summer is coming to an end

School schedules are handed out
Locker assignments made
A new school year begins
Senior year for one
Sophmore for the other
Summer is comiing to an end

Calendars fill with activities
Academics and dance will fill their day
Look forward to their homecoming each afternoon
Summer is coming to an end

Summer bucket list items crossed off?                                  
Goals made in spring?
Only one

and I was

Joy in the shopping trips
Ice cream outings
Taks while driving
Laughing during movies
Hugs before bed
Summer is coming to an end

Sadness fills my heart
Time slips away too quickly
Happiness in the simple memories we made
Summer is coming to an end

Source: via Debra on Pinterest