Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can you have it all?

Can you have it all?  The house, husband, kids, career, great figure, clean house, AND your sanity?? I personally don't think so, unless you have a nanny, live in cook, maid and organizer living under your roof.  (Disclaimer...I do have a cleaning service come to the house, but only once a month)
Why am I pondering if I can have it all? At the end of this month I'll be working full-time.  Full-time....I haven't done that since I started having kids seventeen  years ago.  Yes, full-time, three 12-hour shifts/week, thankfully only from the end of August until the end of December.  The hospital where I work is implementing a new computerized charting system and I volunteered to help be a 'superuser'.  As superuser I will be given extensive training on the new charting system, help out during regular staff  training, and then be on hand when the unit goes live  I'm pretty excited, yet nervous  about this new, temporary venture.  I enjoy working with computers, and I like teaching others, especially in a one-on-one setting.  The best part is that this new venture will be temporary.  But how will my family fare since I'll be working longer hours?  Will I maintain my sanity?
The other day my mind was spinning while thinking about these next four months.  Thinking about  how was I going to be there for my family, write, knit, quilt, exercise and have time for movies and lunch dates with girlfriends.  Essentially, will I have time to do the things that keep me sane? I saw myself  turning into a crazy woman, screaming at my family because the house is a mess, I'm exhausted,  dirty dishes in the sink and I haven't been able to run to clear my head.  I don't want to be that crazy woman!  I envision myself losing it and The Big Guy and the Girls either committing me to the nearest mental hospital, or worse yet, handing me the key to a room that they've already reserved at  nearest hotel room and telling me to come back when I'm done at the end of December..!
So, while driving the other day I was hit with an epiphany.  (Where do you get your epiphanies?  Mine always hit me in the car)  This was it:  Jot down in order of importance all that I find necessary to remain sane.  And once written down, accomplish what I can in order of importance.
Here is my list:
  1. Be present while spending time with The Big Guy and the girls. Whether it's five minutes to catch up with each other, or thirty minutes while watching a TV show.  Be present.
  2. Exercise  Run for thirty minutes or stop by the gym for a quick strength work out
  3. Write  Fifteen words or 200, set timer for 15 minutes
  4. Knit  Five stitches or a whole row
  5. Sew  Two pieces of fabric together or a whole row
  6. Read  A paragraph, or page 
After writing my list, I felt such a sense of relief.  I won't be able to do it all, but even if I do one thing for fifteen minutes, AND be present and most especially in the moment, I know I'll mentally survive the next four months......I'll keep you posted!

Source: via Dianna on Pinterest