Friday, August 10, 2012

Bloggy Moms Writer's workshop...streaming words.

"There were fifteen pictures left and spare flashbulbs in her pocket." That is this weeks Bloggy moms writers workshop writing prompt. What do I write about? I want to participate, I want to write.  I want to write more. I want to improve my writing and just write. I enjoy putting words to paper, and have always wanted to write, but have been afraid.  Afraid that I'll be laughed at, afraid that what I write won't matter, that my words won't have meaning, nor cohesiveness.

 When I read that prompt I thought of several ideas, but could never get past the first sentence. Should my story be fiction or non-fiction?  Should it be a sappy love story? Or, how about writing the 'her' as a teenage girl, maybe coming back from an assignment that her father gave her and she realizes that she still has fifteen pictures left and spare flashbulbs in her pocket.  She was told to use the entire roll.  Then I thought, are flashbulbs expensive? Did they come in a pack, or individually? Would the girl be punished because she didn't shoot the entire roll of film?

Just checked the work count and I'm only at 129, with 621 more words to go. OK, yes, I had a week to work on this prompt, but the 'muse' isn't helping out much.

 My other idea was to write the 'her' as a new mom, who is taking pictures of her newborn baby and is just so enthralled by the beauty of that little creature that when her husband gets home she realizes that she still has fifteen pictures left and spare flashbulbs in her pocket. Her husband will be angry because dinner isn't on the table, nor is his cocktail ready when he walks in the door. She hasn't finished the laundry and is still wearing her pajamas. She couldn't help it, that baby, the baby that she has been longing for is finally here. How can you not just stare at that tiny creature with blue yes and pale skin, and hair so soft and curly?

This is it, this is all I have for you, forgive me! It's my first attempt at writing longer than 200 words!