Friday, July 20, 2012

Why I went to a Chiropractor to treat Plantar Fasciitis!

Running has become something that I need to do.  After a long 12 hour shift, going out for a quick two mile run eases the days stresses away.  This past spring,  after I  would come home from a run, whether it was a 30 minute run, or a run longer than 6 miles, my left foot would ache and walking was a somewhat painful.  I did what anyone does and Googled 'foot pain after running'.  Plantar fasciitis came up on the search and I researched ways to treat it.   I tried the k-t tape, but it wasnt helping like it was in the past.  I tried rolling my foot over a frozen bottle, stretching, massaging, toe lifts and calf raises.  All these were temporary fixes.  

This is where the beauty of social media comes in.  I sent my friend Rob, who I grew up with in Saudi Arabia and is a chiropractor, a note asking about this.  I was curious-how could chiropractic medicine help?  I told him my symptoms, foot pain near the heel, espcially after running, and  after waking and planting my feet on the floor, my feet were achy and stiff, but never during a run.  He called me right away and suggested I go see a chiropractor, but one that is certified in the Graston technique.

I was hesitant in going to a chiropractor.  Were they real doctors? (sorry Rob and Dr. Sullivan) (Read this: 10 Chiropractic myths and truths). But after talking with other friends who had the similar syptoms and had gone to an orthopedist and suffered through painful cortisone shots, and were told not to run,  I wasn't willing to go through that type of pain and be unable to run.  I searched the internet for chirproactors in my area.  Dr. Sullivan's web site came up, and to my luck he was certified in both the Graston technique

At my appointment I took the running and work shoes that I normally wear.  He actually took the time to listen to me, examined my running shoes, and was surprised that I was running with inserts.  He examined my feet and could feel the scar tissue that has been built up.  Plantar faciitis is a build up of scar tissue that occurs when the tendons are overstretched from overuse.  The granston technique takes a metal rod and is scraped over the feet to break down the scar tissue.  It wasn't painful per se, just weird at first, having my feet scraped.  The process took about five minutes and he suggested that I continue running.  I saw him twice a week for two months and  after each visit, the pain lessened and running became enjoyable again.  

Running is a joy again, I can walk after a run, I stretch before and after a run, and when I plant my feet on the floor after I wake, I'm pain free!!

Source: via Carolina on Pinterest