Friday, July 13, 2012

Did you check out my new header?  Isn't it great!!!  Love the quote in calligraphy that flows through the header.  How did I do this??!!  Well, my friends, I didn't have anything to do with diesigning that awesome header.  Charlotte from twist+snag designed it for me after winnning a giveaway from Linda who writes at My Passion Is...
A couple of weeks ago Linda was sponsoring a givewawy and the prize was a header design from twist+snag. When Linda emailed me that I was the winner I was speechless, I rarely win anything! The praocess was painless.  Charlotte emailed me and had me look at several header designs and had me choose one.  I really liked the calligraphy background.  Choosing the quote to go there wasnt so easy.  Did I want to have words describing my blog?  A bible verse?  There were too many good qoutes to choose from.  Then I found this one on Pinterest.  What can't you find on Pinterest.  I sent Charlotte the link and she set about designing.  She then sent me several finished designs to choose from, one with a transparent background, white background and then the final one that you see on the blog.  
The quote couldn't be more perfect, I believe in all of it, the kissing..alot, and most especially that happy girls are the prettiest!
Go check out My Passion Is... and twist+snag, two well written, design filled blogs.  Have a great weekend!