Thursday, July 5, 2012

In(RL) conference

One of our door prizes

Awesome hostess Lisa-Jo!

I can't believe that it has taken me this long to post about the in(RL) conference sponsored by (in)courage, Lisa-Jo from Gypsy Mama, and the great ladies from Cavalry Church.  (in)courage is Christian social website for women.  The in(RL) conference was held throughout the world in churches or homes in order to get women to meet in real life, beyond the blog.  Lisa-Jo is the community manager for (in)courage and writes at Gypsy Mama  When I received the invite I was really hoping that there would be a local meet-up near me.  How lucky was I to find that Cavalry Church is only minutes from my house and that Lisa-Jo would be the hostess.  I wish I could remember where I found her website because I really enjoy reading about her adventures.  There is just something that draws me to her....
April 28 was plugged into the iPhone calendar and I wasn't going to miss this meet up for anything!  I was nervous, though, not knowing anyone else who was going.  How was I going to be received?  Would anyone talk to me?  You know, first day kind of jitters.  I didn't have anything to worry about!  The ladies were all warm and welcoming.
The conference was for us women to get to know each other and support each other through our walk with God.  My table mates were a young mom with a 16 month old and expecting her second baby, she was trying to juggle new motherhood and spending time with her husband.  A newly married young woman trying to balance work life and home. A mother of toddlers trying to find time for herself, and me, a mom of teenage girls, trying to keep them in the faith.  We shared stories, laughed and prayed for each other.  Leaving the conference I was so glad that I went.  I left uplifted and ready to face life!

New friends!!