Friday, July 6, 2012

I saw...the face of LOVE!

She told me her story.
How she has waited for many years for the miracle that she is holding in her arms.
The journey was a long one.
The journey almost killed them both.
Her faith sustained her and when she thought that her body was changing
God said "not yet', I have a surprise for you!
As I round the corner to the room
She is holding him
They are facing each other.
His slate grey eyes are wide open and gazing into her eyes.
Her brown eyes are sparkling and gazing into his.
His arm is extended and is hands are reaching out to touch her face.
Joy radiates from her smile.
I feel as I'm intruding on a special private moment meant just for the two of them.
I can' pull away, their joy is like a shining light drawing me in.
Giggles rise from my chest
I break the silence and ask "do you have a camera?"
What a beautiful moment to capture for a lifetime
'No', she says.
She doesn't need a camera to remember the joy she is feeling.
Their image is imprinted in my heart.

I saw the face of love, unconditional love!