Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do's and Dont's....when dropping your teen off at camp or college program

Last week we dropped off our oldest daughter at a university month long program.   A month, she will be gone a whole month...she has never been gone longer than two weeks.   It felt as if I was dropping her off to her freshman year of college!
Weeks prior to her departure date we went out to Bed Bath and Beyond armed with a shopping list of items needed, and shopped at Target for snacks and toiletries.  I'm so proud of my oldest, she is so independent that she had everything all packed up and organized.  The drive was long and on the way I tried to brave myself for the good-bye...she hates when I cry and I didn't want to make a boo hoo mess of myself.  So here are some things that I learned that might help you (and me next year when I really drop her off to her first year at university) when it comes time to drop off your teen.

DO: Realize that t hey are as nervous as you are.
DON"T: Get all chatty Cathy to lighten the mood. (To alleviate my nervousness all I did was talk, talk, talk)

DO: Help set up the room
DON'T:  Put things away without asking if it's OK first.

DO: Take someone with you whether it's husband/partner or your best friend
DON"T: Take the younger sibling

DO: Have a small cocktail before registration/sign in/etc.
DON"T: Get so drunk that you'll be useless!