Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Online Bible Class...I'm In!

Have you ever taken an online class.  A couple of years ago I took an adult education class via online, I think it was called "how to become a better reader?"  There was no homework, so then no accountability.  I read some all of the lessons and well I admit that I didn't become a better reader overnight!.  I think it was the lack of accountability or grades that kept me from working so hard (!) The lesson for the week were sent out, you read the lessons and  then sent the professor questions.  I'm taking an online Bible study class this summer  through Allume.  We are studying 1 Peter.  Fifteen minutes a day and each leeson is short and sweet.  Katie, our host of the bible sudy introduced me to eBible, an online Bible.  It's pretty amazing.  You can choose which Bible version, whether the King James Version, or the English study version.  Need commentary and translations it's all there. What the introductory video and you'll be hooked as well!

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