Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Learn as I Blog...Week 2

Second week of the Learn as I Blog link party.  Today's assignement:

Write your own blog post on your favorite widgets, gadgets & graphics.  
My favorite widgets, gadgets and graphics come from the blog shabby blogs.  The talented designers are very generous and have many free badges, banners and templates for your blog.  My favorite are their ''blinky' badges, like the one below.  Or the comment  badge on the right side of my blog.

What graphics are a must for your blog? What do you use to design your graphics?
Graphics?  Not sure how to answer that one.  I used the Watermark template for the blog desing and then changed the background...all from blogger.

What is your favorite gadget on your blog now? Why?
My favorte gadget on my blog is the 'blinky' badge from shabby blogs.  I love how the hearts blink on and off.  

Is there a gadget you've seen on another blog that you'd like to add to yours? What is it?
I drooled over the social media gadgets on other blogs and wanted them for my own.  I did the happy dance when I was FINALLY able to figure out the code and put them on my blog.  I would also like to create my own badge, something I'm working on this week.  Keeping my fingers crossed that all will go well!  Will be using PicMonkey to edit the image and then Picassa to upload the HTML code..... I just did...created by own's utterly simple, but it's a badge.  Favor: Can you all let me know if it works?
Just remembered another gadget I'm drooling over....Ferly, your signature footer that links back to your blog.  I need to also figure out how to add to the footer the 'you might also like'
That's it for now!