Monday, June 11, 2012

TBRP....Every Last One

Every Last One
How do you recover from the death of your family, when you are sleeping so deeply after attending a party and having a few drinks, and  the killer is your dead daughter's boyfriend?  A boy that you've known all your life and regard as your own?  That is the question that you ask yourself while reading this book.  Anna Quindlen writes a true to life, emotionally excruciating yet hopeful book. Does something that occurred years ago set in motion the activities of today?  Does a butterfly flapping it's wings on the other side of the world generate the upcoming hurricane?  Did the affair that Mary Beth had the father of her daughters boyfriend set in motion the violent event of that horrible night?  I've been a big fan of Anna Quindlen's books.  This book like her other books doesn't disappoint!