Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Learn as I blog...series

I know I wrote that I wouldn't be joining any blogging challenges, but I couldn't pass up this series from Gifts we Use.  Instead of a challenge this is a series where Ferly will share her adventures in blogging and share  any tips/ideas that she has learned along the way.  
Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

The first topic in the linky series will be My Pre-Blog Train of Thought.
Write about what your experience was when thinking about starting your blog.

Why start a blog anyway?
Good question! I started my blog to promote the knitting patterns that I was designing.  I had taken a design your own shawl class and the design bug hit me.  So far I've designed a scarf and three shawls. 
What is your blog about?
My blog is about my knitting designs, the quilts that I've finished, book reviews, life with teen girls and random thoughts and videos that I find on YouTube.
Who are you writing to?
That's an interesting questions.  I started promoting my patterns, then it became a place to write down my thoughts and ideas.  So, I guess I write for myself and anyone who is willing to read my blog.  But I do have a hard time with "who are you writing to?"  Most 'How to Blog blogs" recommend that you should write what you know, give advice, and stick to one genre in order to obtain a bigger following.  I agree, but I really like writing about what I want to write about.  My followers may be few, but they are GREAT!

Where are you blogging from {i.e. Blogger or Wordpress, etc.} Why there?
I'm blogging from Blogger.  It's free and it was easy to set up.  I've read that Wordpress is supposed to be better, but why move when you are happy where you are!
Share your journey into blog world!