Friday, May 4, 2012

Unicorn Winery…Date with The Big Guy

How lucky could I be?!  Date with the Big Guy (BG) AND a Living Social coupon gift?! My good friend S. gave us her Living Social coupon since she wasn’t going to be able to make it to the winery before the coupon expired.  The coupon included wine tasting for two, two wine glasses and a bottle of wine.  Unicorn Winery is located in Amissville, VA, just outside of Warrenton,VA, about 1 hour and 15 minutes outside of D.C.  The weather that day was spectacular, sunny skies and cool.  BG drove while I caught up on some much needed knitting.  Famished, we stopped in Warrenton and had lunch at  Café Torino.  I had the prosciutto sandwich with parmesan and arugula on focaccia bread, and BG had the chicken breast with roasted garlic pesto and lettuce.  Both were delicious! The focaccia bread was fluffy, not dense or hard.  I would highly recommend it.  We didn’t partake of the desserts even though they looked fabulous, the sandwich and chips meal was enough to satisfy and we wanted to save room for wine.
wine3wine1Driving up to the winery there is a man made lake to the left, picnic tables all around, and an outside eating/drinking area.  When you walk into the building there is a counter large enough to accommodate at least four groups, and in the back there is a room with tables for larger groups of six or more.  We started of with the white wines, all very good, but our favorite is the Traminete.  I’m not sure if I can even describe the wine.  It has hints of basil and lemongrass when you taste it.  Really!  I imagine drinking it in chilled, during a warm summer evening.  It is definitely unique.  (Forgive the lack of wine reviewer lingo)  After the whites, we went on to the reds.  The BG is definitely a better wine taster than I am,  he takes his time, swirls the glass, sniffs the bouquet and sips it slowly.  His palette can taste the cherry, blackberry or the other ‘notes’ the wine pourer has described.  Me, yes, I sniff, and swallow, but never taste the ‘notes’ described!  I’m embarrassed to say that I drink what BG thinks I like… all seriousness I’ll drink anything red!
After tasting the reds, we went on to the wine slushy!  Oh, yes, wine slushy, my new favorite drink!!! The slushy is a frozen cocktail fusion by Frappe Vino. Tasted the slushy made with white wine and red wine, and the white is definitely my favorite. The white tastes a little sweeter than the red and I could actually taste green tea.  Easy to make.  Take the slushy mix and place in a plastic Ziploc bag, and one bottle of wine, add the same amount in water and place in the freezer.  The mixture will not freeze hard, but instead freeze like a slushy.  Cheers!