Monday, May 7, 2012

Calm in the eye of the teenage storm

She didn’t complete the task assigned in order to visit her friend
She starts over, but her actions exude anger
She is told what time she is expected home
The words she utters are disrespectful and filled with sarcasm and tone
She is told she can not go visit her friend
Tears and anguish fill her face and break my heart.
She apologizes profusely
The pleading intensifies.
She is given the choice to go or not to go.
She is asked to think what she would do if her daughter behaved in such a manner. 
She has decided to go and will return at the assigned time.
The mother is sad.
The mother doesn’t understand the anger, sarcasm and tone that she verbalizes on a daily basis.
But the mother is proud of herself.
The didn’t react in anger and her words were calm.

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