Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What is sexy?…Mr. Fix it!

Yes, I find a man who can fix anything very sexy and I’m lucky to have a Mr. Fix it in my house!I count my blessings every night that God sent me the Big Guy (BG)  to be my husband.  BG is amazing and very sexy!.  He can fix just about anything. 
  1. the dryer…it was turning off when the hit a certain temperature
  2. the washing machine…it wasn’t draining after it loaded
  3. plumbing to the kitchen sink….water was leaking
  4. replaced the garbage disposal (the new one is very quiet!)
As his helper I was in charge of handing him the tools needed, wiping his brow (like when doctors on old TV shows would get their brows wiped by the scrub nurse..’brow’!), reading the directions and I actually got underneath the sink and held up the disposal so BG could twist it into the piece attached to the sink.  YouTube videos always help!