Thursday, May 3, 2012

Star struck……by Jeff Galloway

jeffg1I found out that Jeff Galloway, THE father of the run/walk/run program would be at the Quantico Marine Base Little Theater.  Wouldn’t miss meeting him for the world!  I consider him my running guru.  His run/walk/run program (like I’ve said many times here on this blog) is the reason that I not only keep running, but also enjoy it and finish races!  I felt like a teen meeting her teen idol.  I’m so glad I went. 
The two books of his that I have Running, Getting Started, and Half-Marathon, You can do it, are loaded with information and training plans, but they left me with many questions that only he could answer.
His program starts off with the Magic Mile.  You run one mile at the track and then figure out your pace/mile.  My pace/mile last year was 10 minutes, and according to his graph, the run/walk ratio should be set at 3 minutes running and  1 minute walking.  That ratio worked, but my EGO got in the way, wanting me to run longer and take less walking breaks.  After looking back on the last two races that ratio was too fast and he suggested I take more walking breaks.  The plantar fasciitis is kicking in after I run, whether it is a short or long run.
002Here are some of the suggestions I took away from his lecture today:
  1. Change the run/walk ratio to run longer and increase speed.  (For me, go back to the 3/1 or 2/1 ratio)
  2. Pure sugar dissolves faster and reaches the brain quicker, so for every two miles drink 2 oz. of water and eat 30-40 calories of sugar. (sugar packet, gummy bears, etc.)
  3. Cramping=muscle fatigue.  Slow down during a long run.  Run the long run two or three minutes slower than the pace/mile.
  4. It takes 36 hours to use and process the food that you eat.  Don’t over eat the night before a race or eat salty foods.  They salty foods will stay in your stomach and cause you to dehydrate during a run.
  5. Showering or sitting in a cool water bath is more beneficial than an ice bath.
  6. Run the long runs using your run/walk ratio.  Maintenance runs, or short runs, run them either continuously, faster. or using walk breaks…it’s your choice.
  7. Runners don’t walk or slow down.  It’s ok to take walk breaks.
  8. His studies have shown that using the run/walk run ration you not only run faster but can improve your time as much as 13 minutes!
  9. As the temperature goes above 60 degrees, slow down during a run, your body will work
  10. Have a Vision, Rehearse that vision, and empower yourself to win!