Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Motherless Daughter...Seeking Unconditional Love

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Another assignment from the 31 days to become a better writer series.  The assignment what to write about who you are/what defines you.  Some of the assignments were painful to write, delving really deep into hear and soul. 
Here I go bearing my soul out to you…..
I am a motherless daughter seeking unconditional love. The love that only a mother can give. The love that says no matter what you do/did/happens/etc., I WILL always love you and be there for you and stick up for you. When you first see me, you won't see a sad, anxious filled face. If you take the time to look deep into my eyes you will see sadness, but sadness is not who defines me. Rather, you will see someone who loves to laugh, and if you make me laugh out loud I will count you as my friend. You will see someone who doesn't trust right away, I must get to know you, and feel your trust before I give away mine. You will also find a confident woman who has endured many challenges, but her faith and knowing that God is ALWAYS at her side has enabled her to overcome those challenges. I have found that unconditional love in God, who has also sent me the most understanding and loving husband who is trying to help me get what I need. I am a motherless daughter, but it is not what defines me.