Monday, May 21, 2012

Riding on the metro….Poem

Riding on the metro
Song is stuck in my head
You know the one
Way back in the 80's
Girl with blond hair
black streak on the side
Riding on the metro

I people watch
I see the tourist
loaded with camera and water
I see the professionals
badges dangling from neck
I see  you heading home
groceries in your bag
Riding on the metro
Sharing this short poem I wrote while participating in 31 days to become a better writer, a challenge I participated in this past April.  I like the DC metro system, it gets me to where I need to go, and while riding I can knit or read the free paper.  Yes, some of the escalators/elevators don’t work and trying to figure out how much to pay from point A to point B is very confusing. Overall very convenient to have the option of mass transit.

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