Monday, April 30, 2012

A-Z Challenge…Z

Zzzzzz’s.  World English Dictionary:

z's   [zeez]  noun ( used with a plural verb ) Slang .sleep (often used with grab, catch, etc.): to grab some z's before dinner.

After a race, grabbing some zzzz’s is just about the best thing ever.  Coming home a little achy, yet exhilarated about my accomplishment, I jump in the shower, put on pj’s and take a good long hour nap!  Heaven!
Source: via Wendy on Pinterest
Thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the A-Z challenge.  I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and will continue to stop by and visit!
Participating in the A-Z challenge. The challenge is to write a post everyday using the corresponding letter of the alphabet. The theme I’ve decided to tackle during this challenge is running. The posts will spotlight varied running related aspects. Enjoy the running journey.

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