Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-Z Challenge…U

Update.    Sunday.  George Washington Parkway 10 miler. The weather was calling for 90% chance of rain…all day.   The storm started late Saturday night and the weather forecasters kept calling for rain and a big drop in temperatures.   I’ll let you in on a little secret…I do not like rain, not hard rain, or spitty light rain, and I don’t particularly enjoy doing activities in the rain.  Running buddy #1 and I were texting back and forth trying to figure out what we were going to do, run or not run.  The Big Guy announced that we had paid for the race and so we were running the race no matter what!!  Ha, Ha, Ha!! Really!! 
Running buddy buddy #2 and I made a plan.  We would check the weather when we got up at 5am, meet at my house, and then drive to Old Towne and park as close to the finish line as we could.  Running buddy #1 agreed, and added that she would follow us and her husband would drive us all to the starting line near the Mt. Vernon Visitors center.  If it was pouring down hard, then we would turn around go home and the big Guy would have mimosas waiting for us.  If it was just raining lightly then we would run the race wearing a hat and a garbage bag, and or rain jacket.
GWP.2012Source: tinyurl.ms via Meghan on Pinterest
So…what happened.  The plan worked out.  RB #2 and me drove to Old Towne and parked in front of Five Guys.  RB #1’s husband drove us to the staring line.  The rain was very light and we were more than prepared, hats on, rain jacket on, garbage bag over body, interval timer and cell phones in plastic bags to protect from rain.  We did it! The rain kept me cool throughout the race since it stayed light.  And….I shaved three minutes off my time from last years race…1:50.

P.S.  I’m not sure if I feel like the quote, but I’m so glad I ran in the rain.  About Five Guys..best burgers in the world, RB#2, the Big Guy and me and one as a post race treat!