Saturday, April 21, 2012

A-Z Challenge…S

If you read the “F” post, I mentioned that I would continue that post with the letter “S”.  In the “F” post, I talked about how hard it has been to raise money for GOTR, the charity I was sponsoring for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.  Well, I can tell you that I was able to exceed my goal! Just as I had donated the money that I needed to meet the $450 challenge, I graciously received a check from a friend! With the help of my friends, I donated $500 to the DC chapter of Girls on the Run.  Yeah!
The reason I believe I had a hard time raising money for the cause is that I didn’t have a story to go along with the charity.  I had not participated in GOTR, I do not have elementary school girls participating in GOTR, nor am I a GOTR coach.  A personal story to go along with the charity would have hooked my friends and they would have felt a personal connection, and therefore, I think, more would have donated what they could. 
When I walked by the GOTR booth last October during the Army Ten Miler Expo and found out that by raising money for them they would pay the entrance fee to the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon, I jumped at the change.  I didn’t sop and think about ‘why’ I wanted to raise money for them, nor did I read the fine print-if I didn’t meet the fundraising goal of $450, that money would be coming out of my own pocket. I quickly signed up, went home and did some research on the organization. I learned that GOTR is an organization empowering girls to greater self-esteem through a healthy activity like running. 
Lessons learned for the next time I choose to sponsor a charity, choose something that I’m passionate about, and most definitely read the fine print. Or, better yet, sign up and become a GOTR volunteer and create my own GOTR story, so the next time I fundraise for them I’ll have a story to share!!
Participating in the A-Z challenge. The challenge is to write a post everyday using the corresponding letter of the alphabet. The theme I’ve decided to tackle during this challenge is running. The posts will spotlight varied running related aspects. Enjoy the running journey