Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sometimes they like me!

Teenage girls are tough of their moms.  Coming home after watching the movie The Way, which by the way is an excellent movie, all I wanted to do was hug on my girls and sit and have a long chat!  Really, what was I thinking? I was quickly greeted as they promptly returned to their covens, oops, rooms.  Sadly I moved to the living room heading to the computer so I could quickly apply for a full-time job, so there!  A little voice inside my head said "not yet".  Moving on to the kitchen to make dinner the girls came out of their covens, oops, rooms, and slowly started telling me about their day. Feeling a little better I did mention my earlier plan about applying for a full-time job.  "Oh Mom, we don't want you to get a full-time job".  Sweet words to my ears!  Thank you Lord for telling me that my time is still best served at home while working part-time.