Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (#11)

1.  My sleep schedule is waaaay off. Not sleeping well at night.  Having to get up to go to the bathroom, hot, and the Big Guy snores.  Going to bed at my normal time 10pm, getting up several times during the night, taking a melatonin to bring on sleep, finally falling asleep, but not getting up until about 9am.  The girls think I ‘stink’ because I’m not getting up early to drive them to school.
2.  So far so good on praying a decade of the Rosary daily.  I’m using this great little book and it’s helping me stay focused.
3.  V might be allergic to apples.  Apples?  Yes, really!  Took her to the Dr. yesterday and they drew blood and we will find out by next week if it is a true allergy. Her mouth gets ‘tingly’ and her stomach hurts after eating them.  We had her tested when she was little and the skin test showed an allergy to peanuts.  She eats peanut butter every day and has never had a reaction…weird.
4.  Is it really winter?  The weather is gorgeous, blue skies and temperatures in the mid 40’s to 50’s!
5.  I went for a walk and saw all these Christmas trees on the curb waiting to be picked up by the garbage men…it made me sad.  The trees still looked healthy and green.  Our tree is still up, we won’t take it down until the end of January, beginning of February.  (I think I’ve already written about this in a previous quick take..oh well!!??
6.  Learning HTML code and I get it!  Having fun learning it as well.  Maybe programming is my next career?!
7.  Enjoying the peace and quiet!  Girls are back to school and the Big Guy is back at work.  I miss their presence.
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