Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Comparing me to you? Not!

Lately I’ve been comparing myself to other knitting designers on Ravelry whose patterns are selling like hotcakes-feeling like I don’t measure up to them.  I know that my patterns are well written, easy to read, follow, etc., AND  I’ve received many compliments on the finished designs, so what gives? I almost even thought about giving up the whole designing venture and just knit other peoples patterns.  But,…….I have ideas. …..many ideas, of what I would like to wear and think others might like to wear as well.  

Today I went on Facebook and a friend  posted a link to this article from the blog tiny buddha, “Stop comparing yourself to others: an alternative to competing with people”, by Sonya Derian.    The article suggests that we should instead compare ourselves to our past selves.  A year ago I was dreaming of designing, taking classes, and learning all I could about the knitting world.  Today, I’ve put up four, yes, four designs on Ravelry!  When I look at it that way….. I’ve accomplished A LOT!  I’m sooooo impressed with myself!  Who knows what the next year will bring??!!

Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself.
Theodore T. Hunger

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