Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can I listen to music and write?

No!  I’m writing this after working a twelve hour shift in the NICU.  We were very busy and it’s been a long day.  As I write this the TV is on and it’s distracting.  Sometimes I feel like I have Asperger's….too much stimulation and I just get a little overwhelmed and anxious.  Listening to alarms going off all day, babies crying, phone ringing, all I want when I get home is quiet! So I’m a little distracted and just can’t write.  Going back to listening to music, I  CAN’T  listen to music and write at the same time.  I didn’t listen to anything specific today, but I did have this song stuck in my head, that NOW, I can’t seem to remember!  Yikes!  It drives my teenage girls crazy when I tell them to turn the radio down while I’m trying to concentrate on writing a knitting pattern or a blog post.  I have come to realize….I’m getting old In love