Friday, November 4, 2011

7 quick takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I just started listening to Food for the Journey from Renewal Ministries.  It’s hosted by Sr. Ann Shields.  The program is just about 15 minutes long and a great way to start my idea.  I’m going to commit to try and listen daily in the morning.  Check it out. 
-- 2 ---
I’m participating in National Blog Posting Month in an effort to post more often and become a better writer.  Check it out, there are prizes and prompts to help you get started writing everyday.
--- 3 ---
My new pattern So Not Twins is out on Ravelry!
. --- 4 ---
Training for the SunTrust Rock and Roll Half Marathon and to stay motivated I’m raising money for Girls on the Run-DC.
--- 5 ---
Loooooong day at work yesterday.  But on the upside, I did get to cuddle with the cutest, most sweetest Down’s baby.
--- 6 ---
Thanks for your prayers!  The dance team made it to NYC and back home safe and sound.  They had a really good time.
--- 7 ---
Please pray for my friend in the middle of much family turmoil. 
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