Thursday, April 26, 2012

A-Z Challenge…W

Weird.  I felt weird today.  Like the first day of school weird, where you are the new kid in the class full of kids who have known each other all their life.
Today was my first day as a helper in the GOTR group at my girls old elementary school. Through the GOTR website I found that there is a NOVA (Northern Virginia) chapter and  a group nearby. Here is my chance to write my story as it relates to GOTR.  I emailed the teacher the teacher in charge and she was very welcoming.  The group meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm.  Perfect!
Parking and walking up to the school brought back memories of when I made that daily drive to drop off and pick up the girls.  Nothing has changed but the faces.  Walking into the gym, the girls were already in their circle and beginning their lesson.  One mom introduced herself and asked who was my daughter.  I don’t have a daughter in the group, I just like to run.  She must have been thinking I was some kind of stalker, preying on young girls, I thought.  Another mom didn’t introduce herself and looked at me like I was invading her territory.  I introduced myself and she was friendly, but a bit territorial.  After I was introduced by the teacher, the girls were very sweet, they all came up to me and introduced themselves.  Twenty-two girls approaching me with huge smiles and reciting their names…wonderful!
I know, it’s the first day, they don’t know me that well, and will eventually warm up.  It just felt weird.

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