Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A-Z Challenge…P

What can I write about the letter “P” in relation to running?  I could write about having to ‘p..’ or ‘p…’ during along run, but that’s just too much information!  Instead I’ll write about pink, parkway and what music I like listening to on my iPod during a run.
Pink.  From the post I wrote yesterday, you noticed that I like wearing pink when I race.  Is pink my favorite color, not necessarily.  I like pink, but red is my favorite.  I just haven't found a cute red skirt or a running t-shirt that isn’t all red..I’d like some red, just not all of it to be red. So pink it is for now.  Wearing pink makes me feel girly, yet strong and powerful.  In this post I failed to mention that I also paint my nails pink before a race.  Opi is my favorite brand of nail polish, the color I chose this time is ‘Lucky, Lucky, Lavender”.  Doesn’t Opi come up with great names for their polish line? 
Parkway.  This Sunday I’m scheduled to run the George Washington Parkway ten miler. It will be the second time I run this particular race, last year being the first.  Wish I could share the picture of me crossing the finish line, but it looks so awful that I didn't buy it- my shoulders all the way up to my ears and it looks like I have no neck…really!  Unfortunately, the weather man is calling for thunderstorms on Sunday.  It it’s raining, hard raining, I can’t imagine running for over an hour…I’ll keep you posted on whether I bail out of the race or not!
iPod. The Big Guy recently updated my running playlist and it’s awesome!  AC/DC mixed in with Pearl Jam, the Foo Fighters, Justin Bieber and Eminem.  I was laughing out loud the other day during a run when Linkon Park came on, Justin Bibber and then Eminem.  I don’t think those acts will ever play together in a concert.  It was fun to listen to, though!