Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A-Z challenge…O

Outfit.  For the letter “I” post, I wrote about how I was insulted regarding what I wore during runs:cotton vs. dry-fit material.  When running around the neighborhood, I really don’t care, about what I wear.  Is it comfortable?  Is it clean, or at least semi-clean and not smelly?  Is it going to keep me warm? Or am I going to be so hot that I’m drenched in sweat?

Race day is a totally different story!  I have to wear an outfit that is coordinated from head to toe. 

Pink trimmed socks with good arch support. (Couldn’t get picture…socks in the wash as I’m typing this!)

Pink running skirt from runningskirts.com


Cute shirt with pink trim.


Pink hat or


Pink headband from chicabands.com


And lipstick! (Call me a lipstick whore, I admit it!) I forgo the makeup, apply sunscreen on face and body, and then apply the lipstick. Not anything too showy, I just like to feel like a girl during a race. A powerful woman that can accomplish anything!


The whole Outfit!


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