Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-Z Challenge…I

A word that begins with the letter I and is running related?  Injury?  I could bore you with the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, but instead I’ll write about the word Insult, or how I was insulted by a coworker.
Several months ago I was boasting about the race I had just completed and about the many races I was planning on entering.  A particular person asked me what I wore when I ran. 
Particular Person (PP): What do you wear when you go running?
Me: I usually wear a cotton t-shirt and shorts or a running skirt.
PP:  You aren’t a real runner!
Me: Excuse me?
PP: You aren’t a real runner.  My daughter is a runner and she will only wear shirts that are made of dry wicking material.  She’s a real runner, she wins the races that she enters.
Me:  I think I’m a runner, even if I wear cotton.
PP:  No you aren't!
Can you believe that?  I just couldn’t argue with her anymore because I knew it would get me nowhere! 
You are a runner no matter what you wear!

Participating in the A-Z challenge. The challenge is to write a post everyday using the corresponding letter of the alphabet. The theme I’ve decided to tackle during this challenge is running. The posts will spotlight varied running related aspects. Enjoy the running journey