Saturday, April 7, 2012

A-Z Challenge…Galloway

Jeff Galloway that is.  Who is he?  He is THE father of the walk/run program that includes walk breaks at certain intervals.  I love this program.  His program is helping me to continue to run, enter races AND finish the races as Jeff says “upright and wanting to run more”.   (I briefly write about my journey as a runner in this post.)  Using the Galloway program has kept me running, but most especially it has kept me from getting bored while running.  Check out his website and the many books he has written describing his program.  You start out walk/running for several seconds, gradually moving up the walk/run interval.  You can either follow the recommended interval or set your own walk/run interval.  I’m currently running for 4:00 minutes and walking for 0:30 seconds.  The walking breaks enable my body to reenergize, catch my breath and when the timer goes off for the running interval, I”m ready and charged to continue running  During a race if I get too tired while running, I know that I can hold out since I will be walking soon, and running for four minutes at a good pace is a breeze. 
If you are thinking about starting a running program, check out his website for tips and advice.  I like that he gives you permission to walk.  You are still a runner even if you walk through a race!
Participating in the A-Z challenge. The challenge is to write a post everyday using the corresponding letter of the alphabet. The theme I’ve decided to tackle during this challenge is running. The posts will spotlight varied running related aspects. Enjoy the running journey. 

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