Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A-Z Challenge…Competition monster

Competition Monster
It’s rearing it’s ugly head.   The competitive monster.  Beginning to feel competitive and not in a good way towards my friend, who happens to not only be older than me, but just started running this year and is faster as well.  
I’m so proud of her, she took to running by accident.  She meant to walk the Army ten miler, but instead became bored with just walking and started running.  Another runner encouraged her to run/walk with her and my friend not only finished the race, but she was also hooked. 
We started training together.  I started her off slowly at first.  She cursed my name when we had to run hills and long distances, but then it became obvious that I was holding her back.  Her pace is much faster, she has longer legs and she is in much better physical shape by having gone to the gym on a regular basis and working on strength training. 
Why is her pace faster than mine, why is she a better runner, why does she finish before me, why, why, why……? AND I’ve been running for two years?  WHY?
So I’m squashing the competitive monster and taking a valuable lesson from her. I’m going to go to the gym regularly and work on strength training, and know that when I’m her age I’ll be just as awesome as she is. 
By running ahead and finishing before me I get a great hug at the finish line!  How can I be upset with that??!!
Participating in the A-Z challenge. The challenge is to write a post everyday using the corresponding letter of the alphabet. The theme I’ve decided to tackle during this challenge is running. The posts will spotlight varied running related aspects. Enjoy the running journey.