Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Just a quick note…worked today and on my way back tomorow.  WIP:  working on a cable infinity scarf for M.  The big Guy bought me a laptop through his works marketplace.  He got a great deal on it!  Haven’t transferred pictures from the old laptop to the new one so no pictures of my work in progress…sorry!

Sent out my first letter today (participating in the Month of Letters)!  I have a confession though, it was an email and not a handwritten note.  Let me explain…I received a call from my Goddaughter’s mom asking for a letter to send to C.  She is on her way to a Confirmation retreat this weekend and the organizers thought that letters of encouragement from family and friends would be helpful.  A handwritten note wouldn’t have made it by Friday, so yes, I cheated and sent an email.  I thought it was important to send her a word of encouragement and email was much quicker.  (Her mom will print it, place it in an envelope and read it this weekend. ) She is having doubts and questioning her faith and

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why she should have to spend the weekend away from home.  Keep her and the kids on this retreat in your prayers…Thanks!