Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick takes Friday Bad Thing/Good Thing

1.  Bad thing: Listening to commercials on Pandora radio.  Good thing:  Finding new music!

2.  Bad thing: Temperatures in the low 40’s on my day off when it was in the 60’s when I worked.  Good thing:  Clear blue skies!

3.  Bad thing: Getting woken up by the girls asking for a ride to school when it’s not even raining/snowing outside! Good thing:  Precious few minutes of girl talk in the car.

4.   Bad thing:  Getting measured at the gym for contest and learning you’ve gained an inch.  Good thing:  Rowing three miles on the rowing machine and feeling GREAT!

5.  Bad thing:  Finding we are out of dishwasher detergent after filling up the dishwasher with dirty dishes.  Good thing:  Coming home after a 12 hour shift finding that The Big Guy, who was home with a bad cold, went and bought detergent and started the dishwasher!

6.  Bad thing:  High census on the unit and working with an RN I’ve never worked with.  Good thing:  Meeting a new friend!

7.  Finding ways to turn the bad into good….AWESOME!

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