Tuesday, January 3, 2012

“What I’d like to do in 2012” continued….

I only had five minutes to write the SOC Sunday post where I wrote the things I’d like to do in 2012.  Here is my list continued:
Learn code, (I would like to learn Morse code..I know no one uses it anymore, but don’t you think it would come in handy after a nuclear disaster in order to communicate with others??) HTML code.  The class starts tonight, and I’m psyched.  Why do I want to learn this, well for one, to challenge myself and two to be able to understand it, especially when I try to put a badge on my blog and it doesn’t work out, I want to know ‘why?’.
  • I talked about wanting to run three 1/2 marathons-challenge myself physically.  I’m signed up for the sun trust 1/2 marathon, and trying to decide between the Marine Corps 1/2 in Fredericksburg, or the ZOOMA women’s half in Arlington, or the Wine Country 1/2 in Loudon county.  All of these races are in June, so if I pick one then I’d have two with one more to go.
  • Read 12 books on the ‘to be read’ pile challenge.  Don’t you have one of those piles?  You buy books, put them on the shelf, then someone recommends another book, you get it from the library or buy it and that first book you bought gets shoved further in the back ‘to be read’.  I’m really excited about this challenge, I have a ton of ‘to be read’ books.
I think that covers it all!  Spiritually I’m going to try and pray a decade of the Rosary a day and continue reading the Bible.  Physically I’m going to keep running and going to the gym.  Mentally I’m going to challenge myself by doing the book challenge, blog at least once a day, and design three knitting patterns. 
Here is to a great 2012!!