Sunday, December 11, 2011

SOC Sunday-The Grocery Line


I was sent to the grocery store yesterday to get milk.  My husband was making mashed potatoies-he makes the best mashed potatoes!  Well, anyway, I DO NOT like going to the grocery store, but he was cooking for me, so, OK, I went.  Just to get milk, that’s it.  I head to the line with just my milk and the self-checkout line is at least three people deep.  I head over to the 15 items or less line and wouldn’t you know I stand behind a guy who has MORE than 15 items!!  I turn around to see  who is behind me and there is this lady, who happens to be looking at the trashy magazines.  We catch each others eyes and have a good laugh.  She says that standing in line at the grocery store is the only time she gets to catch up on her gossip!  And how what’s in the tabloids is not something that will be talked about at a dinner party!  We laughed!  It made standing in line at the grocery store bearable.  Payed for the milk and she wished me a merry christmas!  Wished her the same!





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