Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes (#8)

Working today.
2. Since I'm working today I'm blogging from my iPhone on the blogger technology.
The alarm rang way too early this morning!
Since blogging from phone no links...haven't figured out how to do that yet!!
We celebrate St. Nicholas day. The girls were a little upset because St. Nicholas was a little late delivering his gifts!! He (me) slept in after a Long day at work. :]
Eating what I call "surprise'". Not enough leftovers to make a meal...let's dump the all together and she what comes up. Sausage, rice and ramen noodles....not bad!
Lots of logistic problems with the hot chocolate race on Sunday......traffic backed up for an hour, crowded, water stops not ready for runners, etc. I did have fun and the hot chocolate was good!

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