Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Quick takes Friday (#5)

Immaculate Conception Novena!
Starting November 30th, I am joining over 6,000 Catholics to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena!I’m looking forward to the answered prayers from this amazing saint! With so many faithful Catholics around the world praying this novena, I thought you’d like to join too!Do you have any special petitions to bring to Mary?You can sign up for handy email reminders to get the the novena prayers here: Immaculate Conception Novena
When I grow old I want to be like these ladies!  I like how they are classy, fashionable, have a great attitude, and it doesn’t look like they’ve used Botox. I found this video after reading Genevieve Gail’s blog where she mentions reading the  Sometimes Sweet blog.

My new pattern The Shenandoah is being tested!
I love taking naps.  Twenty minutes and I’m refreshed and ready to get on with the rest of my day.
I had an unexpected surprise in my work mailbox.  A pack of Mars bars from Germany!  I know we have Mars bars here as well, but the European chocolate seems to taste so much better. 
A glass of red wine and a bowl of popcorn are a welcome treat after a long twelve hour shift.
Listening to The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.  Eighteen CD’s and I’m about half way through.  I like the way she writes and how she takes us back and in forth from the present to the future through the different characters in the book.
I like the way I feel after a run.  It’s cold outside and I’m having a problem staying motivated to do my runs.  Yesterday I read Jeff Galloway's (he developed the run/walk/run method which I use) blog and I like what he said:
You can take control over your attitude, or you can let yourself be swayed by outside factors that will leave you on a motivational roller coaster: fired up one day, and down the next. Getting motivated on a given day can be sometimes as simple as saying a few key words and taking a walk.
  • Consistency is the most important part of conditioning and fitness.
  • Motivation is the most important factor in being consistent.
  • You gain control over your motivation - every day.”