Monday, October 10, 2011

Army Ten Miler

This Sunday I had the chance to run the Army Ten miler.  The day started off being cool, but then warmed up with not a cloud in the sky, temperature between 50-60F, perfect running weather.  What a patriotic event!  Do I have pictures to share?  Unfortunately no.  The race brochure stated that cellphones, mp3 players and any recording devices were not allowed on the race course, so I didn’t want to chance it and have my stuff confiscated so I didn’t take my iPhone or shuffle.  I did see lots of people taking pictures and running with their ear buds and listening devices..?  The course was crowded but it was fun reading the backs of the other racers t-shirts…..”if you’re reading this, thank God I’m not last”, “cancer survivor”, “another mother runner” and lots of “in memory of…” t-shirts. 

Here is a link to the race course and link to the com page where you should be able to see me!